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Outpatient therapy

Thyroid treatment

You must have been fasting for 3 – 4 hr. On the advice of your doctor you may probably need to interrupt, taking thyroid hormones, anti-thyroid or amiodarone (Cordarone) medications before your therapy. Please tell us if you have had a CT scan with intravenous injection of iodized contrast agent in the 4 – 6 weeks preceding your examination.

In the case of allergy to iodine we remind you that the therapeutic dose of radio-iodine contains trace amounts of iodine corresponding to a fraction of the daily food intake.

The process
The therapy occurs in one session. It consists of the oral administration of one capsule of iodine-131 (duration: 15 min).

You can immediately go home after the treatment. A notification of the recommendations to follow after the therapy will be given to you by the centre.

Main clinical indications

  • Treatment of Grave’s disease
  • Treatment of an autonomous adenoma

The goal is to optimize the function of the thyroid. The principle is based on the uptake and/or the organification of a radiopharmaceutical by the follicular cells of the thyroid. The most common indications are the treatment of Grave’s disease and of the autonomous adenoma, responsible for an increase in the thyroid hormones in the blood and possibly symptoms.