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Investigations of the thyroid and the parathyroids

SPECT/CT and thyroid scintigraphy

You must have been fasting for 3 – 4 hr.
Please tell us if you have had a CT scan with intravenous injection of iodized contrast agent in the 4 to 6 weeks before your examination.
You will probably have to interrupt, on the advice of your doctor, taking thyroid hormones, anti-thyroid medications and amiodarone (Cordarone) before your examination.

The process
The examination is performed according to 2 protocols on 1 day or on 2 days according to the choice of the technetium or iodine radiopharmaceutical

1 session
Intravenous administration of the radiopharmaceutical, waiting for 20 min then acquisition of the imaging (duration: 1 hr).
During the examination under the camera please remain motionless.


Day 1

Session 1
Oral administration of the radiopharmaceutical (duration: 10 min)
Session 2
Acquisition of early imaging (duration: 1 hr).
Between the 2 sessions (interval of 2 hr), you are free to leave the institute.

Day 2

Acquisition of early imaging (duration: 1 hr).
During the examination under the camera please remain motionless.

Main clinical indications

  • Looking for Grave's disease and thyroiditis.
  • Functional evaluation of thyroid nodules

The imaging is based on the uptake of a radiopharmaceutical by the follicles of the thyroid, of which the vast majority of the dysfunctions are manifested by abnormalities in the uptake and/or of the organification of the radiopharmaceutical. These dysfunctions are visualized on the scintigraphy in the form of a diffuse increased or decreased activity in the case of Grave’s disease or thyroiditis, or in a localized way in the case of a thyroid nodule. The choice of the radiopharmaceutical depends on the clinical indication such as for example the choice of the iodine for the calculation of the dose of isotopic therapy needed to treat a Grave’s disease or an adenoma.

Thyroid adenomas

Autonomous adenoma

Multinodular goiter

Grave's disease