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Oncology investigations

SPECT/CT and scintigraphy looking for the sentinel lymph node


The process
The examination takes place in 2 steps, which can be carried out in 1 or 2 sessions depending on the choice of the type of injection

1st session
Includes the injection of the radiopharmaceutical into the breast or around the melanoma or its scar (total duration: 15 min).
2nd session
Includes the acquisition of the imaging and skin marking (duration: 1 hr) one after the other or after an interval (2 hr). During the examination under the camera please remain motionless.

Main clinical indications

  • Breast cancer
  • Melanoma

The imaging is based on the uptake of a radiopharmaceutical at the first ganglionic relay located on the lymphatic drainage pathway of the tumour. The sentinel node (s) identified on the scintigraphy by an increased activity are then found using a detection probe and excised by the surgeon. The analysis of this/these nodes during the operation, if it reveals the absence of ganglionic metastases, allows the economy of a complete regional cleansing of the lymphatic network.

Cancer of the left breast injection

Ganglion of 1st relay (sentinel)

Ganglion of 2nd relay