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Investigations of the thyroid and the parathyroids

SPECT/CT and scintigraphy looking for a parathyroid adenoma

You must have been fasting for 3 – 4 hr. Please tell us if you have had a CT scan with intravenous injection of iodized contrast agent in the 4 to 6 weeks before your examination. You will probably have to interrupt, on the advice of your doctor, taking thyroid hormones, anti-thyroid medications and amiodarone (Cordarone) before your examination.

The process
The examination is performed according to 2 different protocols on 1 day according to the choice of the radiopharmaceuticals

1st session
Intravenous administration of the 2 radiopharmaceuticals then acquisition of the early imaging (duration: 1 hr 30 min).
2nd session (if necessary)
Acquisition of late imaging (10 min).


1st session
Oral administration of the 1st radiopharmaceutical (duration: 10 min).
2nd session
Intravenous administration of the 2nd radiopharmaceutical and acquisition of the early imaging (duration: 1 hr 30 min).
3th and 4th session (if necessary)
Acquisition of the late imaging.
Between the sessions (1-2 hours interval), you are free to leave the institute. During the examination under the camera please remain motionless.

Main clinical indications

  • Preoperative search for a parathyroid adenoma (hyperparathyroidism)

The imaging is based on the differential uptake of two radiopharmaceuticals, one being captured at the same time by both the thyroid and the hyperfunctional parathyroid adenoma and the other only by the thyroid. The subtraction of these two examinations makes it possible to unmask the adenoma on the scintigraphy. Following the screening by the clinical dosage of a hormone (thyrotropin or TSH), its precise location allows minimally invasive excision surgery.

Right lower parathyroid adenoma