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Digestive investigations

Scintigraphy of the Salivary Glands

None. You do not need to be fasting.

The process
The examination takes place in 1 session.
Intravenous injection followed by the imaging (duration: 1 hr).
During the examination under the camera please remain motionless.

Main clinical indications

  • Investigation of a dry mouth (xerostomia)

The dynamic imaging is based on the secretion of a radiopharmaceutical by the salivary glands, stimulated by the administration of lemon juice. The goal is to evaluate the function of the salivary glands and to detect an obstruction of the excretory ducts. The main indication is the objectification and evaluation of the dry mouth secondary to an autoimmune disease (Sjögren syndrome).

Normal examination

Pathological examination (Sjögren syndrome).