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Oncology investigations

PET/CT of the whole body using Fluoro-DOPA (F18- DOPA)

The process
The examination involves 2 stages in one session.

1st stage
Intravenous injection of the radiopharmaceutical. The injection is painless, non-toxic and does not cause allergies.
2nd stage
Acquisition of the imaging. You must remain motionless during the examination.

During the interval between the stages ( 30 min) you will rest on a recliner in a cubicle.

Main clinical indications

  • Staging of a neuroendocrine tumour

The imaging is based on the capture of a radiopharmaceutical (Fluoro-DOPA) by the tumour cells of neuroendocrine origin. The increased synthesis of neurotransmitters by the tumour cells requires an increased intake in precursors of the neurotransmitters (DOPA or DihydrOxyPhenylAlanine), which will be captured by the neuroendocrine tumour cell, and visualized in the form of an increased activity on the PET.

Carcinoid of the small intestine with lymphnode metastases