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Oncology investigations

PET/CT of the whole body using Fluoro-Choline (F18- FCH)

The process
The examination is done in a single stage at one session.
Placement of a venous line, then injection of the radiopharmaceutical, then acquisition of the imaging. The injection is painless, non-toxic and does not cause allergies. You must remain motionless during the examination.

Main clinical indications

  • Looking for prostate cancer recurrence.
  • Staging of high risk prostate cancer

The imaging is based on the uptake of a radiopharmaceutical (Fluoro-Choline) by the tumour cells. Their proliferation requires an accelerated synthesis of cell membranes in which are incorporated compounds based on amino acids (choline) which are visualized in the form of an increased activity on the PET/CT. The principal indication is the search for recurrence of cancer of the prostate in the case of elevation of the specific antigen of the prostate (PSA).

Recurrence of prostate cancer at the ureter-bladder junction
Recurrence of prostate cancer at a pelvic lymph node