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Digestive investigations

Gastric emptying

Fasting and without tobacco.
Your doctor may ask you to interrupt a part of your treatment for this examination. Please follow his/her recommendations. Take the rest of your treatment as usual, without interruption.

The process
The examination takes place in 1 session.
Consumption of the radiolabeled meal followed by the imaging in a sitting position (duration: 2 hr).
During the examination under the camera please remain motionless.

Main clinical indications

  • Looking for a disorder of gastric motility

The imaging is based on the administration of a standardised radio-labelled meal, solid and possibly liquid, which makes it possible to follow the evolution of the activity at the gastric and intestinal level. The purpose is the detection and the quantification of the gastric motility disorders and the documentation of the effect of drugs. The most common indication is the diagnosis of a diabetic gastroparesis.

Normal examination: gastric emptying of the solids

Normal examination: gastric emptying of the liquids