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Frequently asked questions

Questions specific to the PET scan

Can I drink anything else other than just water (coffee, tea, fruit juice, sparkling water, ...) ?
Sugared drinks are prohibited. We recommend that you drink about 1 litre of still water in the 2 hours preceding your appointment.

During the rest period, can I read or listen to music ?
You must remain still, at rest, in an armchair without speaking or moving during the 45 minutes preceding your examination.

General questions

Can someone come with me ?
The person who comes with you can wait until the end of the examinations in the cafeteria, the waiting room being reserved for patients.

I am claustrophobic, how can I best prepare for the examination ?
Your doctor may prescribe a medication to relieve your anxiety (anxiolytic) to be taken on the day of the examination.
Throughout the entire examination you are under direct visual supervision, as well as supervision by camera and microphone. The technician can show you the equipment before your examination.

I have small children, what precautions should be taken ?
There is no specific recommendation.

I am currently breastfeeding, is there any particular procedure to adopt ?
State that you are breastfeeding when you make the appointment. You must suspend your breastfeeding for a period varying according to the type of examination and do not keep the milk.

Is the product that you inject into me dangerous ?
A very small amount of radiation is received in order to perform the examination and presents no risk to your health in relation to the expected benefit.
A CT scan with injection of an iodised contrast agent may be performed at the same time; please advise us of any prior allergic episode to a contrast product.

Is it safe to drive after this examination ?

Can I take my usual medication ?
Certain medications must be suspended for the realisation of the examination, and this will be indicated to you by your doctor. Otherwise, take all your usual medications.

Should I remove all my jewellery ?

I have metal in my body, is this contraindicated ?

When will I get the results of my examination ?
The interpretation of the images and the comparison with previous examinations can be lengthy. The report will be sent to your doctor as soon as possible.